About Mela bee

greetings earthlings

Mela Bee's music feels like a deep talk with a close friend at 3AM. This small town singer/songwriter combines an upbeat, groovy vibe, with lyrical content that hits you right in the feels; A juxtaposition that will make your heartstrings dance.

Mela Bee was first inspired by her father, who is a talented pianist and singer/songwriter himself. She grew up listening to everything he played: Elton John, Billy Joel, Genesis, Boston, Rush and many more. Every Wednesday, since the age of 6, they attended classical vocal lessons together, jamming to rock tunes on the radio during the drive. As a kid, Mela promised herself that they'd be singing along to her own music one day.

Mela Bee is always writing and producing with her partner, Dakota Buck (AKA Decebaal), meticulously working to deliver music in the realest way possible. There are no short cuts, just hard work.